Pam the T5 Van

Updated: Jan 1

Lara had owned her adorable T5, affectionately called Pam, for a couple of years with the intention of converting it herself into the camper she had envisaged as a kid. However little progress was made until she brought it all the way down from Manchester for a Super Cool makeover.

Lara had a small budget and the design brief was that the internal styling should be rustic. I found reclaimed pallet wood online for the ceiling and the fronts of the cupboards. From Bristol Wood Recycling Centre I bought planed, scaffold boards which would form the kitchen worktop. I came up with simple sliding door mechanism to save space. The flooring is vinyl, which is good in so many ways. The scene was set for the van makeover.

The van is fully lined with van carpet and vapour barrier with as much insulation as possible. A 110AH leisure battery cleverly installed under the passenger seat to save room. A diesel heater is installed under the driver's seat again to maximise space.

The kitchen area consists of a small bowl sink and a double hob burner with a small area for food preparation. The SMAD absorption fridge has a generous 45L capacity, suitable for a weekend away, keeping your food essentials cold. The cupboard under the sink/hob contains the 10L fresh and 10L grey water and gas cylinder enclosure houses a Campingaz 907 bottle, satisfying the BS regulations for campervan gas installations.

The van has 2 USB ports and 2, 240V sockets which are powered from mains hook up if she is on a campsite with electrics or if Lara is off-grid then there is a 500W inverter which is big enough for her needs.

The van also has a Volt Sensing Relay to charge the leisure battery when the engine is running and a mains battery charger. The RCD and MCB consumer unit protects all the circuitry.

If you would like a van conversion then get in contact:


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